Adobe Spectrum design system

New tools for efficient design and enhanced user experience.

Main principles of Spectrum system are rational, human, and focused. This actually means a try to make things as simple and nice as possible. In such way Adobe’s app design embraces the famous principle that good design is being “as little design as possible.”

Of course, a drive for common products simplicity reinterprets decades of Adobe’s design made for desktop computers before new types of devices like smartphones or tablets. Spectrum supports the new way of adaptive and accessible design for every component in its library, like e.g. buttons, colors, typography principles, etc. The system continues the concept of accessible software and its standards meet WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0.

Spectrum has distinct guidelines for different UX types like interface components or color systems. These design essentials unify modern user experience as a repository of Adobe’s design thinking where all components are well-documented and represent best principles around contemporary usability, accessibility, and cross-platform design.

Author: sergeyioffe

Sergey Ioffe - Web Designer in Tel Aviv, Israel