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It’s my blog on WordPress with my web profile, common stuff of a creative specialist, some of my likes, project notes, contacts, etc. Thanks for visiting.

I’m Sergey David Ioffe, digital marketing specialist, web designer 💻, director, digital consultant, blogger from 🌴 Tel Aviv, Israel.

Contact me regarding your websites, apps, user experience, e-commerce, digital marketing doubts, 📈 management, consulting and tuition projects, etc.

That’s my secondary blog however. Main blog

Borat post

A well-deserved borat meme because of too much working on this website. And I think the website is good after all. It is very basic, responsive, accessible, and informative, based on a common free theme and hosted directly with wordpress .com — it’s like a so-called “industry standard” in web design. Not made to be a fav of gamers or smth, but to fit more various audiences. WordPress Borat love !

Wp Borat

Web studio

We offer modest digital services of branding, graphic design, user experience, web/product design and development, e-commerce, digital marketing, and related consulting as Studio Sergey Ioffe.

We’ve come a long way to get to know and understand modern digital marketing and design trends. We provide our expertise and insights for people who have interest in commercial presence on the web, new business identity, personal branding, social media appeal, improving user experience, and making better leads.

I’d say we’re still not another full-time digital agency, and we probably don’t have all the features of such companies like overpriced and not optimized project budgets, many-months work timing, lack of real creative input, ordinary corporate attitude, or anything else like that.

Our studio is good for not urgent (and also urgent) small and middle scale projects, startups. We like to work with individuals and provide our exclusive advice. For example, if you want to get more public, digitally attractive, to be easily found on the web, Studio Sergey Ioffe is glad to help.

Sergey David Ioffe, chief

Adobe Spectrum

New Adobe’s tools for efficient and enhanced user experience.

Adobe Spectrum design system

Adobe presents its new UI/UX system. It’s a brand-new one called Spectrum, which has to make Adobe’s apps more consistent and similar.

Main principles of Spectrum are rational, human, and focused. This actually means a try to make things as simple and nice as possible. In such way Adobe’s UX embraces the famous principle that the good is being “as little design as possible.”

Of course, a drive for common products simplicity reinterprets decades of Adobe’s style made for desktop computers before new types of devices like smartphones or tablets. Spectrum supports the new way of adaptive and accessible principles for every component in its library, like e.g. buttons, colors, typography, etc. The system continues the concept of accessible software and its standards meet WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0.

Spectrum has distinct guidelines for different types of UX like interface components or color systems. These essentials unify modern user experience as a repository of Adobe’s design thinking where all components are well-documented and represent best practices around contemporary usability, accessibility, and cross-platform experience.

Upd. Nov 2021: It was an idea to create a comparative article about all trendy branded design systems, but there is plenty of info like that online already.

Bauhaus 2019

This year all the design world marks the century of Bauhaus. Founded in 1919 to innovate the industry, Bauhaus is still alive and very relevant.

Websites like Behance, Dribbble, etc. are literally made of Bauhaus. It is in so many works of students, young designers, mature professionals, advertising agencies and brands.

Links to explore: Wikipedia article, A to Z, Bauhaus Manifesto, DW documentary, Celebrating 100 years, S. Patelski prints

Upd. Jan 2020: I have created a few online collections about that on Behance, Dribbble, and Pinterest.

Daft Punk

“Technology has made music accessible in a really philosophically interesting way, but when everybody has the ability to make magic, it’s like there’s no magic.” –Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk

Watch Daft Punk - Digital Love on youtube

Daft Punk became a legendary electronic retro-futurist duo that has its awesome phenomenon in modern culture and creative style. They continue to excite the world with magical music 🎹 for more than twenty years since their debut album “Homework”.

To me it’s one of the best music choices for a geek creative whos into UX and stuff. Still ✨ awesomely  enigmatic, glamorous, and very nicely done 🎵 music  for the public of many ages.

Upd. Feb 2021: The duo has declared about its epilogue.

My logotype

I have designed a logo for me and my professional activities.

Sergey Ioffe | web logo

The logo is yeah. It was created mainly for online usage and can easily be displayed either as image or text as Helvetica types or any other standard sans-serif font. The logo turned out to be. And there is even some kerning applied for this web text.

Xbox Design Lab

Create your own Xbox wireless controller.

Many colors and more. A wonder of contemporary gaming tech on Would be awesome to have such option for console too and more awesome to have the whole console inside the controller.

Fluent design

Microsoft’s new UI language has more advanced aesthetic and looks utterly contemporary and almost state-of-art.

New interface system officially unveiled as Microsoft Fluent Design System, is a UX language developed in 2017. Looks charismatic and nice!

MS Fluent Design system | NeonX
Watch video

Fluent is a revamp of MS Design Language 2 that includes guidelines for the UI within Windows 10. The system is based on the five main component principles: Light, Depth, Motion, Material, and Scale. The new interface language includes more prominent use of motion, depth, and translucency.

It was created for desktop, web, mobile, mixed reality, Xbox, server, and IoT. In all, it feels fairly comfortable and contemporary.

It’s Material

“A visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science.” –

Google’s design system seems something very original, fresh and nice in today’s web making trends.

Material is inspired by the physical world and its textures, including how they reflect light and cast shadows. It is guided by print design methods like typography, grids, space, scale, color, and imagery. 

Its surfaces re-imagine the mediums of paper, color, ink. A totally new word in designing for the web. 5*


My website 💻 is in private 🔒 mode now (don’t know for how long ⏲️). I have created a WordPress blog for my notes and likes.

I like WordPress, a quite easy, advanced and nicely-done solution for blogging and websites. That’s not that I only simply like 🛹 wp, that’s optimizations which aim 🕹️ for better digital marketing business. Things aren’t that cool.