Bauhaus 2019

This year all the design world marks the century of Bauhaus. Founded in 1919 to innovate the industry, Bauhaus is still alive and very relevant.

Websites like Behance, Dribbble, etc. are literally made of Bauhaus. It is in so many works of students, young designers and also mature professionals, advertising agencies and brands Read more on Medium

Daft Punk

“Technology has made music accessible in a really philosophically interesting way, but when everybody has the ability to make magic, it’s like there’s no magic.” –Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk

Daft Punk became truly legendary electronic retro-futurist duo that has its awesome phenomenon in modern culture and style. They continue to excite the world with their awesomely magical music 🎹 for more than twenty years since the debut album “Homework”.

To me it’s one of the best music choices for a geek creative synonymous to UX. Still awesomely ✨ enigmatic, glamorous and very nicely done music 🎵 for public of many ages.

Digital transformer

There already was a post-digital 🤖 trend nearly ten years ago. It’s like doing creative work in the real world using knowledge and methods of digital xp.

I think we experience a digital technology progress again this time. Digital tech like AI, machine learning, various start-ups, innovative software, social media websites, virtual reality, blockchain and many more have its strong influence our contemporary lifestyle.

Contact us

I speak english normally, I know russian, some 🇮🇱 hebrew and a little german. However I work on digital marketing and seo projects in all main european 🇪🇺 languages like french, italian, spanish, dutch, portugese, etc.

Communication is still and the same crucial for web design and development. We have awesome new apps for communication like Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Snapchat or Trello. Millions of users 🌎 make mobile video calls and send messages every day. That’s cool 🥳

Contact me if you have any questions regarding design and digital culture.


There’s a need of brand-name content only. No constructed keywords, no google books of your far distant relatives and name sakes, no useless random graphs and page scans and other such crap. Have to have top rated content of like images, videos and blog posts. Reminds me of Interstellar movie somehow, when astronaut tried to speak through a book shelf being in another dimension matrix. Like it’s something hidden beneath those books on the shelf, most strong wishes and fears. That’s of course if it’s a top rated content about your name, only exactly what you need and would like to showcase. That’s not that easy to achieve. Why! And at least that’s another artful outlook on this issue, that keeps it a little more crystal-clear and even vital.

Batch normalization

Batch normalization is a method for optimizing and improving of performance and stability of AI networks.

There are a lot of blog posts and online papers 📃 that explain Batch normalization. Mainly, it’s an optimization 🎚️ method for training digital models (systems) on what’s called deep learning in AI.

Huge amounts of digital data 📊 processed with basic methods of deep learning make training rather hard and demanding. The method of Batch normalization optimizes the process and makes it times more effective for deep learning in AI systems.

The tech lab 🥼

If anybody has a question or complaint of why I’m still here on the search without nicely done links and images are mixed up, I’d tell you, that’s hard.  

Much effort ⌨️ and hundreds of hours of work spent to create more or less cool and good-looking web picture of a designer business (with no portfolio online, but social networks and the blog only). Well, everything looks slightly better than it was ten years ago, reallyAnd the aim of looking alright hasn’t been greatly achieved. 😕 I’ve updated my name, it’s now Ioffe, Sergey David. However that doesn’t exclude the name as Sergey. If you search (google) for Sergey David Ioffe, you’ll see a better web pattern of a business person. 🌂 Though I think mainly such UX still looks mixed up, quite unlikable, not charismatic and boring. 👎 Looking like a tech research lab 🥼 mainly. Lacks the website of designer and portfolio.

Web designer

It’s my blog on WordPress with a showcase of my web profile, common stuff of a creative, some of my likes, project notes, etc. Thanks for visiting.

I’m Sergey David Ioffe, designer 💻 digital product director, digital consultant from 🌴 Tel Aviv, Israel. View my projects and contact me regarding websites, apps, user experience, e-commerce, digital marketing 📈 , consulting projects, etc.