My work experience

I have few years of experience of working as a web designer. It’s a lead web designer level. However I’ve made quite a long off 🌴 about it for more education 🎓 and leisure and I redesign my web persona now.  

I was quite awesome designer 🎨 like maybe twelve years ago ⏲️. I had hundreds of thousands of views, likes, comments and blog shares. My works were published on special art and design websites and won a few mentions and awards 🏆 at international art exhibitions and events. Maybe I’ll come up with my new design portfolio again in the next years.

Contact me if you have a web design project 🖥️ for design and review. Meanwhile if you’re a fellow you can add me on Linkedin or buy me a coffee.

Google material design

“Material Design is a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science.” –

Google’s Material Design truly seems something very original, fresh and nice in today’s web design trends.

Material Design is guided by print design methods — typography, grids, space, scale, color, and imagery.

Design system is inspired by the physical world and its textures, including how they reflect light and cast shadows.

Material surfaces re-imagine the mediums of paper, color and ink.


There’s a need of brand-name content only. No constructed keywords, no google books of your far distant relatives and name sakes, no useless random graphs and page scans and other such crap. Have to have top rated content of like images, videos and blog posts. Reminds me of Interstellar movie somehow, when astronaut tried to speak through a book shelf being in another dimension matrix. Like it’s something hidden beneath those books on the shelf, most strong wishes and fears. That’s of course if it’s a top rated content about your name, only exactly what you need and would like to showcase. That’s not that easy to achieve. Why! And at least that’s another artful outlook on this issue, that keeps it a little more crystal-clear and even vital.

The tech lab 🥼

If anybody has a question or complaint of why I’m still here on the search without nicely done links and images are mixed up, I’d tell you, that’s hard.  

Much effort ⌨️ and hundreds of hours of work spent to create more or less cool and good-looking web picture of a designer business (with no portfolio online, but social networks and the blog only). Well, everything looks slightly better than it was ten years ago, reallyAnd the aim of looking alright hasn’t been greatly achieved. 😕 I’ve updated my name, it’s now Ioffe, Sergey David. However that doesn’t exclude the name as Sergey. If you search (google) for Sergey David Ioffe, you’ll see a better web pattern of a business person. 🌂 Though I think mainly such UX still looks mixed up, quite unlikable, not charismatic and boring. 👎 Looking like a tech research lab 🥼 mainly. Lacks the website of designer and portfolio.