The tech lab 🥼

If anybody has a question or complaint of why I’m still here on the search without nicely done links and images are mixed up, I’d tell you, that’s hard.  

Much effort ⌨️ and hundreds of hours of work spent to create more or less cool and good-looking web picture of a designer business (with no portfolio online, but social networks and the blog only). Well, everything looks slightly better than it was ten years ago, reallyAnd the aim of looking alright hasn’t been greatly achieved. 😕 I’ve updated my name, it’s now Ioffe, Sergey David. However that doesn’t exclude the name as Sergey. If you search (google) for Sergey David Ioffe, you’ll see a better web pattern of a business person. 🌂 Though I think mainly such UX still looks mixed up, quite unlikable, not charismatic and boring. 👎 Looking like a tech research lab 🥼 mainly. Lacks the website of designer and portfolio.